Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Our Little Grandmother House...

Just want to first share a scripture that I read this morning. The Bible that my Mom and Dad gave me when I graduated from high school had this scripture written in the front of it. It has been planted in my heart for many years. It is great truth. 

Hi. I think I mentioned a few blog posts ago that we sold our house and moved cross town. Downsizing and getting rid of some hefty payments sure has been fun and a great blessing.  I have always wanted to live in an older home with old hardwood floors and funny little cabinets here and there. This sweet little house has a lot of those things and I am really enjoying it. We are getting settled in- and we love it.
Just a few pics of areas that make my heart smile.  Absolutely nothing fancy and probably not worth posting especially if you love all the elaborate home decorating blogs, but hey- it's home for us. 
Us and our garage sale, canton adventuring, earthly belongings. :)
Have I told you by the way that I love red? 

 Funny cabinets in the guest bathroom...
 Dining room shelves...
 That's my Dad sitting on top of that good looking horse...
 Aren't these cabinets sweet?...
Love this old built in phone cubby...
I am already anticipating our oldest gentle giant and his forever girl coming to see us next month. 
As you can tell- I can't wait!
What a bookshelf!
Oh yeah, someone built a really strange tree house out of a dead tree (which worries you a bit when you climb to the top.) It's weird and sort of cool. One day I like it and the next I am looking for the chainsaw to get rid of the thing. There should be buzzards on those top limbs.  
Would you get rid of it or keep it? Maybe cut some of the top limbs down? 
What do you think?
Our brave college students climbed to the top for a pic. 
These guys are all living with our youngest gentle giant in our rent house this year. 
Great group of men that are standing strong for God. 
They live Jesus out loud. Love em.
So- I pray that your day is a sunshiny and positive one. There is so much in the world that is frightening right now. Never forget that God is more powerful than any darkness that we fear. He has also written the end of the story. He wins. We just must share our good news! Jesus saves!!

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