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Autumn Family Fun & A Pumpkin Patch...

Our awesome oldest gentle giant and his wife came for a fall/football/family weekend. The outcome of the Aggie game was not so good, in fact it was stinky, but we had fun. I stopped by a sweet little Pumpkin patch over the weekend.
The colors of the pumpkins and mums were just yummy.
Such a wonderful, colorful time of year...

I could not resist taking this good lookin rooster's picture.
I really would love to have him staring at me from my back yard.
Yes, I am THAT country and ridiculous.
Roosters make me smile.

These guys sat for hours and played monopoly.
Yes, you heard me right. Monopoly.
I wish now that I had recorded some of their conversation.
Loved hearing them laugh.
That is Kombucha tea in that bottle by the way- not beer. Just saying. :)
 Will sure married a lovely girl. She is a keeper.

So long for a little while sweet people.
Thankful that you have the mindset to be His hands and feet to the people around you.
Proud that you are living on mission for Jesus.
My how our…

Jan's Vanilla Granola...

Really- this magical oat and almond mixture is the best granola you will ever put in your mouth...
Good luck eating only just a little.
Your family will thank you for making it.
Oh, and we like to eat it on top of honey yogurt with frozen blueberries mixed in.
Good stuff...

These words are good to ingest too...

October Love...

October has been lovely so far.  I heard someone say today that they love the fact that they live in a world where there are Octobers.  I agree. 
Autumn is my favorite time of year.  I think a lot of people think the same thing. God gives us fresh cool air at a time when we think we cannot stand the heat any longer with it's oppressive and smothering humidity.  We see and hear autumn coming from afar because of the clash of the cold and hot air.  Massive clouds pile up and blow and flash and yell and we love it. 
The change of seasons is so refreshing. I think God knew we needed this coolness and He blessed us with it just because He delights in us and probably loves hearing us exclaim and rejoice over how wonderful it is.   
The sun shines so bright after a storm and the skies are more blue when the air is cool.
Early morning walks are delightful and soon we will crunch brown leaves under our feet and breathe in the sweet aroma of smoke spiraling out of chimneys.
Until then tho…

Oldest Gentle Giant- Happy Birthday!

You were not always a giant. What a precious baby you were. Living life with you two was more fun than we had ever had in our lives. Thank you for blessing us to be called parents and for listening to us and for loving us. Thank you precious oldest gentle giant for loving the Word of God.
Thank you for deciding to love Jesus because of who you saw Him to be and not just because we wanted you to love Him. Thank you for looking for Him and responding to Him.
Thank you most of all for not being ashamed to be passionate about Jesus. You see, I think that is hard for men to do. Maybe you guys think that it is just not cool to be excited or emotional about Jesus, but in my book that is how a true man of God should be.
I really do believe this bumper sticker that has been on your old bulletin board for years:
 And this:
So- Happy Birthday our oldest gentle giant.
We love you dearly and always will.

We still believe and lay our hope and trust in the One who inspired these words that were on …