Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Day of Birth...

It's our sweet Wesley's Birthday this week.
It is not easy to put into words what our children mean to us. I think if you are an empty nester right now you probably know what I mean.  There are days that it is wonderful just being back to the two of us. Just us. But, there are also days that we look back and want to push the replay button.

At this stage in life when we glance back fondly at those cherished childhood days, it all swirls in our minds as tears sting our eyes. Happy tears, but yes, tears. Some days we really miss those little guys.Words cannot express the joy that the years spent with them brought. We now celebrate having our precious girl to love also.

These big gentle giants are taking wing and out making their way on their own in this big world.
It's as it should be.
But we remember, and smile and are so very thankful for the blessing of being their parents.

Our youngest is: Gentle, old fashioned, kind, sentimental, funny, rough around the edges, loving and manly, stubborn, strong, caring, artistic, and precious.

He is what God made him to be. I am thankful he sees that and sees the big picture of Jesus and the saving of his life.

Happy Birthday youngest gentle giant!
We pray this year will be full of great blessings of spiritual growth and direction in your life.
Never take your eyes off of Him. Stare at Him. Seek His face.
We are so proud of you.

Without a doubt, one of my favorite pictures.
Brother love.
We love you Wesley


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Oh so sweet. I'm with you emotionally and appreciate you putting it into words. Thankful for snapshots of those moments in time. And thankful the Father treasures us also!

Farming On Faith said...

I so enjoyed catching up with your sweet family!
SO glad all is well!