Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Thankful People...

It's good to just be at home right now. Feeling the cool of the old hard wood under my feet and hearing the quiet creak of the boards as I walk through the house. Yesterday was Monday and not a good Monday- mind you. Not a horrible one really but long and hard. Tuesday still feels like Monday. 
Monday needs to take a leap off a cliff. 
Today in the midst of concern on so many fronts and what is beginning to feel like spiritual attack, I stop and think and am thankful.  Home is good. Lighting a candle, listening to uplifting soft music, prayer, God speaking from His Word and in my heart and lots of thankfulness. I want to be one of the thankful people. I want to be thankful no matter what because there is always something to praise Him for. This has been a good recipe for peace. On a more cheerful note...we have sweet company coming today.
I have been in one of my favorite places for a few hours. My own kitchen cooking for company. Pumpkin cake, banana muffins, Jan's granola, southwest stew and cornbread. There will be a feast tonight yes and good fellowship. 
If you are enduring hard times and every day seems to be Monday, hang in there my friend.
Be thankful. Count your blessings. Ask for His peace.
And get excited because one day and -
He gives us life.
He helps us endure and find peace and joy in the midst of tough times.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sorry you had a rough couple of days. But having a purpose probably helped you get in the groove. Hope you had a good time with your friends.