Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Paint and Praise...

We had painting help last Saturday from students working in The Big Event. They helped us spruce up an old shed here at our little house that is designated to be a future rent house. It is now a cheerful YELLOW little shed with a fake surf board floating on the side. No, we are no where remotely near the ocean but we can dream can't we?
Cute, right?

I was also inspired to hang lights in the back and we will soon have our recently painted (bright green) picnic table placed under these lights. Fun.
We have been pondering about what Jesus went through to lead up to Him giving His life for us and then being raised by God. Thank You Father for loving us this much and for calling us according to Your good purpose. Thank You for saying that we can walk in His steps. You call us righteous and You heal. Amazing and we praise You!
I pray that the rest of our week will be filled with being grateful and being awed by the saving of our lives through Jesus Christ.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Your shed looks so pretty! I've been wondering about your journaling - what is the Pray #703 refer to?

Amy said...

Hey! The #Pray703 is from Ann Voskamp's blog. She has people praying at 7:03 in the morning.Mostly praying about the persecuted church. She also has had a 40 day devotional leading up to Easter that has been super each morning.