Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Home Projects and a Birthday...

Hey friends! See these two lovely people? They helped me celebrate my Birthday at our favorite pizza parlor today. Love having them close and seeing their smiling faces. What a blessing. Our youngest gentle giant is in the middle of a great summer at camp and is loving telling campers about how to love Jesus better. 
Miss him and so proud of him. 
We have been having lots of fun remodeling our house we just moved into. Yes, it was not long ago we moved, (last year) but we had the opportunity to lease our last house and jumped on it. You must do that when you are accumulating rentals. We are pretty tired and sore and worn out but are bouncing back some now. I had a blast redoing the top of the fireplace the last few days. I have to admit I have watched too many "Fixer Upper" episodes and have fallen in love with the "shiplap" look. So, I figured- it didn't look too hard and gave it a go. After one broken blood vessel and several blisters from hammering and sawing adding to that muscle cramps and cricks in my neck for a few days, it is finished. Whew. Love it.

I plan on taking out the existing tile and finishing it with something more up to date soon.

We also did a pretty extensive remodel on the kitchen. I will show all of those pics soon but for now I wanted to show love for our coffee corner. 

 We love how it turned out. We took the cabinet fronts off and left the shelves open. The granite and the subway tile back splash are yummy. Weird word but yes, yummy. Love them.
This house sits on a very wooded lot with lots of grown up bushes.  We are slowly getting things shaped up and moved around or taken out.  We splurged on a new red door and black shutters that really make the house come alive with a little more character.  

I kind of am partial to red. Can you tell? 
I pray that your summer is going beautifully and that we are waking up everyday anticipating what God is going to ask us to do for Him and with Him. Exciting stuff. 


Sandi said...

I love that green!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

So glad you enjoyed your special day (it's my Mom and Dad's (rip) bday too!) and you are doing a great job on the house!