Saturday, January 9, 2016

Speak Your Love...

Christmas and the holidays were/are the perfect time for sharing.  I have a  most intentional, loving sister in law named Rebecca. She wanted to bless her Dad, my Father-in-law and asked us all to write down 5 things we love about him or memories that we have with him.  Each person stood up and spoke words of love and thanks and blessing to him and for him.  It was a precious time. 
Thank you sister for planning this special time of focus. 

So, at our next Christmas stop with my parents we decided to do the same thing.  What an incredible blessing for them to be able to hear the love coming out of the hearts of their children and grand-children.  

I had the thought that these are the kind of things that you talk about at someones funeral when you are telling how they influenced your life.  

How wonderful to speak of them and bless people when they still walk on this earth. I know that these relationships will be deeper and more meaningful because of words spoken out loud in great love.  


I know that this verse is how the three of our parents feel about their children and grandchildren. May it be so...

3 John 4

 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.


Farming On Faith said...

Amy~ this is so sweet. I enjoyed ~ thank you for sharing.
Happy New Year~ may 2016 be blessed.

Michelle said...

This is wonderful :)