Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Help to be in the Word and Journaling...

Good morning! I wanted to share two ideas that are really helping me to be in the Word and focus more everyday on being obedient to God and getting to know Him better. Neither are new ideas but they are so so helpful to me right now. My Mom and Dad gave us all a one year bible for Christmas. It's been the most wonderful gift and a good accountability tool. It's nice knowing that most all of our big family are reading the same words of inspiration every day together. (Or cheering each other on through Leviticus.) ha! Sometimes we get to talk to each other about what was inspiring or challenging. I love it!! 

The lovely journal bible (above) has also been such a blessing. It was a sweet surprise gift from some precious people. I am NOT a great artist at all but have enjoyed drawing and coloring and slowly writing out verses. It is so helpful to me to rewrite the scriptures that I read. I'm not too good at memorizing verses so writing things over and over especially with little art work reminders is so helpful in remembering the verses. We can never get enough of being in God's word and I am always amazed at what new things He impresses on my heart even in verses I have read before.

Staying in  the Word is a "have to" for me because I am a pretty wretched person with out it. I love that He plants His words on my heart when I ask Him to. Taking it a step further- I must apply and believe that through His power in me (His Spirit) He can help me to live it all out loud. We had a challenge in our bible class last Sunday to ask everyday to be moved by the Spirit of God living in us to action. To open our eyes and our hearts to needs and people around us. To move and act when the Spirit directs us to move and act. How exciting my/our days will be when we are committed to living like that. We must challenge ourselves to live in expectation of what He is going to do through me/us each day.
What a grand adventure and life changing blessing for those around us. Always in love. Let it be so Father.
Just for grins...
My mouse pad by my old archaic computer.
Yes, I think we all feel like this sometimes!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

You were Bible Journaling long before it was cool! I'm just now starting to enjoy it! Beautiful posts and I agree, wonderful to get the WORD in your head. said...

It's such a pleasure to understand His glorified words and to live under His powerful will. Thank you for such a post of yours, Amy. Indeed, we must challenge ourselves.
Bless you and yours,