Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rock A Bye Baby...

From this baby announcement picture last August above to this lovely little girl miracle picture below.
Being a grandparent so far is precious beyond words.

Wow. This is some emotional stuff going on here. Being a grandparent.
When your own child has a child it is it is a different emotional heart filled experience.
Near to bursting your heart.

I have always prayed for our children, of course, but now the need and urgency to ramp up the prayers is strong. Seeing your own child learn about how much deeper and bigger his heart for someone could become is a sobering and incredible thing. I realize I am not making much sense but truly, making sense of these feelings and putting into words is hard.

This new little beautiful life is theirs to love and take care of and imprint the love of the good, good Father on her own little heart. What exciting and lovely times ahead no matter the heartache or problems or whatever. Lord willing she will be around long after I am gone fighting the good fight as a mighty warrior for the Lord. I pray she will love the people around her with kindness and compassion as she spreads the saving news of Jesus. I pray that all she does and says and lives will be great glory for God and for the Kingdom.

Welcome into the world little one.
You are already so loved.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Awww...and so beautiful too!

Sharon fleming said...

What a beautiful, beautiful post! She is just precious as are you! Enjoy all the time you have with her! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...