Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Real Olympics...

Good morning!!
I love watching the Olympics. I have REALLY loved watching it this summer because several of the people we love the most were THERE enjoying seeing it in person. Our sweethearts are now back on US soil having had a great time with family and seeing spectacular things. (The women's overall gymnastics final included.) Wow!

When I was reading my daily bible a few days ago I came across this passage below. So interesting to me in light of watching the Olympics right now. How we live our lives on earth is the real Olympics and we are striving for our crown that will last forever.  Praying that we run the race by the Spirit of God and that we do all to glorify Him in our competing, training and living!

Here is the word origin for the word Olympic.

c.1600, "of or in reference to Mount Olymposalso to Olympia (khora)town or district in Elis in ancient Greece, where athletic contests in honor of Olympian Zeus were held 776 B.C.E. and every four years thereafter;from Greek Olympikosfrom Olymposof unknown origin. The modernOlympic Games are a revival, begun in 1896.

Look at these beautiful girls. What fun they had.
We are ready for hugs from both.

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