Friday, March 31, 2017

Big Bend National Park...

From an article called, "Where the River Takes A Left"
An anonymous Mexican cowboy got it about right when he wrote, a century ago, that Big Bend country is "where the rainbows wait for the rain, and the big river is kept in a stone box and water runs uphill and mountains float in the air." 
Park rangers, when pressed, can explain all that. It's a hot but colorful place with a big river that carved its own stone box through the Chisos Mountains and Sierra del Carmen and ascended when it had to. Fog sometimes obscures the mountain bases, and so they seem to float.
The cowboy poet neglected to mention that Big Bend is kind of scary. The stars at night are big and bright, just like the song says, but not bright enough. Darkness turns the park into an even more mysterious place than it is in the hot, foggy daytime. And at sundown, all but the most intrepid backcountry hikers retreat to their campgrounds for shelter and comfort.
First-timers easily can fill a couple of days just taking in the sights. It looks like geological forces threw a party on the innocent flats of the Chihuahuan Desert, leaving it strewn with plenty of evidence that volcanoes had gamboled in the house.

For Sid and I it is a place of peace. 
A place to hear the quiet hum of the wind. 
It is a tranquil other worldly space and a harsh hard place. 
If you don't want to meet your thoughts and examine your mind and life then don't journey here. 
But, if you are brave and crave the presence of the Almighty and want a thin place to meet him...go. Go.

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