Marfa. Kind of a Little Quirky Austin...

I love Marfa, Tx. It is quiet, peaceful and weird.
It has the Marfa Lights and a wonderful old hotel called The Paisano.
The classic old movie called "Giant" was filmed in and around Marfa and the cast stayed in this hotel as they filmed. It is now a town full of mostly contemporary art museums and the weekends are busy with lots of visitors to see the lights to feel the peace and quiet and enjoy the quirk. :) The sunrises and sunsets are something to behold. Wonderful.

We stayed at the lovely old Hotel Paisano . I think it might be my favorite hotel on this trip. It has a whimsical courtyard with a beautiful fountain and lots of snuggly seating areas to sit and visit. 

 Marfa courthouse on the square with the old Palace theater in the forefront.

 The balcony of our little bedroom. Great reading spot.

There is also a very quirky, hip place called the El Cosmico. It has a hostel feel to it with unique trailers and t-pees and a yurt. Very cool. I hope to stay there some time.

There are not many places to eat in Marfa but this pizza place I have heard is yummy. Wes visited a few weeks ago and said it was the best pizza he has ever eaten...Pizza Foundation

We used to visit the Thunderbird restaurant in Marfa. It is no longer there and only the sign remains. Sad. We did get a chuckle out of the added words on the stop sign. 
True. I have that thought quite often. I am sure my husband does too!

See ya later Marfa. Hopefully soon.
Last stop is Ft. Davis, Texas.

Have a great day friends!


Wa Wa Waughs said…
Makes me want to go and explore! El Cosmic looks like something our kids would love!

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