Thursday, July 6, 2017

Birds and Cows...

Happy Sunday afternoon! 
I hope you have been able to enjoy a nap in the cool air conditioning or by a pool somewhere. I pray for people that don't have the comfort of air conditioning on a day like this. Whew. Central Texas in the summer. Hot. Hot. Hot. 

A few quotes from our preacher this morning. He was speaking about laziness or being a sluggard.

Good things don't just happen. 
They require effort and hard work. Prov. 15:19

The remedy for laziness is diligence. Prov. 12:24

Work with your hands, win respect, support yourself. 
1 Thess. 3:10-13

We have recently moved to a different house (boy was that a lot of work) and it has taken weeks for any birds to find our well, my bird feeders. (My husband is not at all attached to birds like I am.) Finally a few weeks ago I lured them in with some cranberry flavored seed. 
Our granddaughter loves seeing them. They are really beautiful. 
 A week or so ago I realized that a wren had built a nest in our front door wreath. I have no idea how she can stand the door being opened and closed so much but so far she is hanging in there. 
 Yesterday we saw these little beauties.

This guy is nuts. For about 2 weeks he has sat on this branch and then flown directly into our big picture window in the back yard. Over and over and over. Weird. Doesn't he look crazy? 
Maybe he has knocked some sense into that pretty red head of his. 

On a quick trip to my papa's ranch a week or so ago we drove around and saw so many precious new little calves. I love this picture.

So, here's looking at you! Talk to you soon. :)

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

You always get good pictures of birds! Ours are so flighty. :)