Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Just Say No...

It's time to just shop my closet.

I have realized in the past month how I just blindly buy clothing without thinking. (You know that "Oh, that is SO cute and on sale" thought that runs through my head even though I just dropped by Target to get toilet paper thing.)

So, I am banning myself from buying any clothing for one year. Yes, that is drastic but for a random pretty undisciplined person like me drastic measures are needed.  The first month was hard because I was so used to just grabbing something that I liked be it a shirt or capris or cute dress.  If I wanted it I bought it and there in lies lots of trouble. When I start adding up what all that compulsive buying costs it becomes startling. Maybe even more startling is my lack of discipline and focus on myself.

With the money spent in a year on frivolous clothes shopping I probably could finance a romantic trip somewhere with my husband. We could be sipping coffee and making goo goo eyes at each other with all the cash that I have spent on well, things that don't matter. (I know we have to have clothing and it matters but good grief, how much do we need? Again, yelling at myself.)  Better yet, I could be helping people that need our assistance financially if I am more careful about how I spend.

Let's just say this is an examining time.  I am just at two months into this experiment and I have found that it is quite freeing mentally for me.  I am also finding that I really like the challenge of shopping in my closet. There is stuff in there that I forgot I had and remember that I really like. It is also a motivator to get moving and loose a few pounds and get back into that size that I really feel comfortable at. Again, seeing that discipline in my life is greatly needed.

As Bob Goff says, "Fail trying, don't fail watching." I am going to put some "umph" into my try.

Up for the challenge? Come along for this experiment as we pray for direction and think about how we spend money. Now that I have put this out there and have spoken it out loud I am thankful for this accountability with you. Let's do it!

  I say NO to shopping for fun and momentary, fleeting satisfaction. 

Father, I know this might seem like a silly thing to do but I truly want to be responsible about what You have provided for us. I pray for an awareness of the needs of others and for an awakening to what I truly need and how I spend money.

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