This Little Light...

The scriptures above really made me stop and pause this morning to ponder how I handle and live out what I have been given.  A lot of the time I feel like I am the person that hears the Word and lets the cares of the world and desires for other things enter in my heart and choke out the truth, therefore I am unfruitful.  That concerns me and helps me to examine what my life looks like and what the truth of it is. Is my light shining? Am I bearing fruit?

This is why I need to be in the Word daily. I am so self centered. If I don't read these truths daily then I don't even think much about who I should be before God and the cares of the day crowd Him out.

So thankful for the Word.

I love this instagram post that came across my feed a few days ago.  Like Aaron Ivey says, "WHAT A PRAYER! Take a risk and pray it with me."

I am praying that we all continue to dig into the Word and that God is showing us what we are to lay on our hearts daily. It is a game changer to ask God to show you through His Spirit what you need to see and learn and dwell on when you read scripture. The Word is alive. Have a super Monday!

Blessings Amy 


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