New Life...

The verse I read today from the daily Bible reading was this: 
Jesus gave us His life to save our lives. 
We also witnessed new life coming into the world this week.
 Sweet Saylor was born early Wed. morning. 
 We are thrilled with the addition of another precious granddaughter. 
There is a sweet God story that we were blessed to witness that night.  Our daughter in love was having pretty good contractions but not regular and the nurse was saying that she would have to go home from the hospital and wait it out there because she was not dilating quickly enough.  She was concerned at how she would know when to come back and was already in a lot of pain. So, our son laid his hands on her and the baby and prayed that God would please speed this up and make more happen because we felt she absolutely did not need to go back home at this point.

No kidding, she had two more contractions and her water broke probably 8 minutes after that prayer. Things sped up really quickly. God was so wonderful to hear us and we praise Him for that answered prayer.  It felt like a very thin place of contact with Him and I am thankful for all of us being blessed to witness it happen.

Prayer is so powerful and awesome. Sometimes I think we don't even think to ask for His help or blessing or comfort and I believe He is just waiting to come to our aid.  Thank you God for bringing this precious new life into the world. May she love you all her life and be a witness to Your goodness and love.
 Sister already loves her. :) 

 Sugar and spice and everything nice. 
Blessings! Amy


Jan said…
Congratulations! What a wonderful example of the power and love of our awesome God!
Sandi said…
Miraculous. Each baby is a miracle. Congratulations!
Wa Wa Waughs said…
I love it! What a great way to welcome Saylor into the world!

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