West Texas Beauty...

We took off for West Texas a week or so ago seeking solitude and clearing of our minds. We were looking for time to just be together while drinking good coffee and warming in front of crackling fireplaces. The sun on our shoulders in the afternoons and bare feet in sandals after the winter was a nice bonus. Personally, I was hoping for the viewing of gorgeous quiet sunrises and sunsets. 
God did not disappoint.

Finding peace and quiet and down time is so important. Putting some distance in between the craziness and concerns in our lives and stepping back to breathe deeply is healing. Time to focus on Who calms our hearts and gives meaning in a world that screams chaos is mandatory. I want to have that margin in my everyday life. Trying to find the quiet and balance in our day to day schedules is a challenge, but a must. I need to open my eyes and notice every day that our own front yard sunsets are pretty fantastic. That might be a start.

The lovely Rio Grande in Big Bend Ranch State Park. 
Tranquil little churches in small Texas towns. 

The majesty of the sun setting.
We enjoyed long conversations and breakfast in some homey coffee shops. 
This one was a sweet bonus. They served waffles. Yum.

The Ocotillo's were out and shining in all their glory. What a beautiful gift.

Sunset over the mountains surrounding Marathon, Texas.

The Gage Hotel dining room. What a peaceful place.
The Gage.

Jefe and the chief at Maverick Inn in Alpine, Texas. 
A hidden little gem you should try out sometime. Not terribly fancy but quirky western. 

Maverick Inn, Alpine, Texas
The Holland Hotel. Alpine, Texas.
Want a ghosty hotel? This is a good one.
Quiet streets in Alpine
So, I hope you had a good spring get away to clear out the cobwebs of your brain like we did. 
Laying by the pool on fake grass was even fun. :)
Here's to watching our own sunrises and sunsets in our own yards. Maybe we should put a few chairs out in the yard and our neighbors might mosey over to enjoy it with us. I like that thought. 
Blessings! Amy


Sandi said…
great photos!
Wa Wa Waughs said…
Beautiful! I just read an article about lesser known state parks (or is it national?) and Big Bend was in it.
Amy said…
Big Bend is a national park and Big Bend Ranch next to it is a state park. Well worth the long drive to get down there. This spring break it felt like the whole world had found the parks. Very busy. Any other time is tranquil though.

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