Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Christmas Fun...

We made a trip to Marshall Texas last weekend to see the "lights". It was just pure family Christmas fun. I am blessed and I am thankful. If you want to see some beautiful Christmas lights and lots of people having lots of fun...Marshall, Texas is a good place to visit.
Town Square
William and his deer friends and happy Mom.

They have an ice skating rink right in front of the courthouse. Lots of great Christmas music blasting. If you are not from Texas...this is pretty extraordinary. It gets fairly warm in the daytime here. Ice skating outside is unusual. Usually we only see an ice skating rink in door's in a mall. This was enchanting.
(Good ole' refrigeration under that rink.)
My boys
Two goofy, fun kids. We took them to eat at a nice place on the square. As you can tell they are not used to such nicety's. Taco Bueno and Chick Fil A are more up their alley. :)
Gorgeous antique store with coffee bar in it. What a COOL place!
Antique store. Three floors high. Beautiful woodwork.
Lights everywhere!
Blessings on this fourth day before Christmas!!


texwisgirl said...

Merry Christmas week to you and yours! Looks like you're having lots of fun!

Diana said...

Continue to have blessed times with your family. Merry Christmas!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I have never been to Marshall and heard about it all my life...thanks for the pictures...I so enjoyed.
Grapevine Texas is also wonderful...we did that last night. Main street is wonderful.
Merry Christmas!!!

Rachel said...

We used to travel to Marshall every year to watch the parade. I sure do miss being around friends and family this time of year! Soak it all in! God has blessed you with a wonderful family!