Friday, December 10, 2010

View From The Kitchen Window...And My Heart

Psalm 1:2
His delight is in the law of the Lord; and on His laws he meditates day and night.
These sweet little birds are hungry this morning.
This one is peeking in wondering what I am doing
Lovely sun shining on beautiful falling leaves
He has a mouth full of breakfast
This is a Christmas present. It is vintage (very vintage) old cruiser. The little boy below who is not a little boy anymore loves everything vintage and old. He is like his older brother. Born in the wrong era I think. We are going to fix this beauty up a little bit after Christmas.
He will be SO excited.
I have a bit of a pain in my heart area right now while I type this blog entry. Time has flown by so quickly. The job that I have always wanted to have is about to come to become...for lack of better words part time. This precious boy will fly the coop like his brother has and go away to college. I have seen with his older brother that life goes on and they still need their parents, but oh, how I will miss the everyday time together. What a blessing it has been. The fulfillment of my life's dream. To be a mother. Thank you Father God.
Love you so much little boy.


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

What sweet pics of that boy...praying for you as you begin your new chapter in life.

Have a wonderful weekend friend!

Michelle said...

Your posts often bring tears to my eyes. I love the birds. As I have grown older I have grown to enjoy bird watching.

Wes is so adorable! They are blessed to call you mom :)


texwisgirl said...

And he still has that same smile (based on your more recent snapshots.) :)

Elizabeth Mullins said...

I agree with Michelle! As I type I have my sick baby in my lap and tears in my eyes! I can't believe how old he is and it pains my heart to know that it will go by too quickly! Thank you for sharing your heart with us and reminding us to enjoy this stage!

Diana said...

God has so much in store!! Blessings....