Men...and tv

Howdy! Another Monday morning rolls around! Woo...what a week last week. This one looks to be just about as busy, so hold on!!!
Picture below is of my Valentines table. Oh, I know it is not much but hey, I live with three men. They could care less if the table looked festive or not. I guess I did it for me. Come to think of it I did do it mostly for me and I enjoyed it. Bought my own chocolate too! Ha! Actually, my men are wonderful and I think they loved having something different and a pretty table set for them. My husband wrote me a beautiful poem and Will wrote a sweet letter telling me he loves me. By the way, the lovely clock is from Wes. He made it in Woodshop class. It is beautiful.
Now, this is just random silliness as most of the days on this blog are but these are my two boys. They were home today for 30 minutes for lunch. They are being mesmerized by Sponge Bob. Yes, I said Sponge Bob. Good grief. Men just have to turn their brains off sometimes. They will kill me if they ever find out that I put pictures on here and wrote about their cartoon addiction. ha. I guess in a way it is cute that they will always be kids in some ways. And...there are a lot worse things they could be watching, I am sure. I remember in college that my little brother still loved to watch the Smurfs!

Will- not being cooperative!

Here is to lunches with SpongeBob!!!!! Cheers!
I promise to write something worth while next time!!!!
Have a beautiful day! Amy


Debbie said…
SpongeBob seems to transcend age! And your table looked lovely.

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