Words for the Day

Good morning. It is early. I woke up with a doozy of a sinus headache. It gave me extra time in front of the fire to read a little and pray a lot. So many things that need to be done, that make me feel overwhelmed. And I guess so many things that I want to have answers to and have no control over. I keep having to learn to give it to God and not worry. Why am I so stubborn? Why do I keep giving in to worry instead of resting in the Lord?

I just keep telling myself to take it one day at a time and one thing off the list at a time. And most of all that in this moment I will rely on the peace of God.

I hope that my day and yours will be productive and joyful. Here are a few verses that I read this morning and will focus on:

May the righteous be glad
and rejoice before God;
may they be happy and joyful. Ps.68:3

Praise be to the Lord, the God our Savior
who daily bears our burdens. Ps. 68:19

Righteous: right⋅eous 
acting in an upright, moral way; virtuous: a righteous and godly person.

Just wanted to check with the dictionary to see if I possibly might fit into the righteous category. I think that maybe at times I do and at times I don't. I am working on it and am thankful for grace and mercy. Blessings on your day. Amy


Debbie said…
Sorry to hear about the sinus headache. I hope you are feeling better soon.
I only fit into the righteous description a few times. That is something I could truly work on.
Get well soon. Thank you for sharing...I am one to give in to worry and struggle sometimes to lay it down at God's feet and LEAVE it there! Have a good day.

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