Memory Lane...Red River Family Encampment

I know that this has been a year of remembering for me on this blog. Thanks for listening and for not minding the sentimental thoughts (hogwash). I have been thinking this morning about how much the Red River Encampment has meant to our family. We have been able to attend every year the last 18 years except one I think.
The impact that this fellowship has had on our family is hard to put into words. The fellowship with so many other Christians has been something to cherish. The friendships we have made will be lifelong. The wonderful heart lessons about God and how to live obediently for Him have made all the difference in our lives, but most of all I believe that just being there and making the effort to have Christian influence in our children's lives has been monumental. I want to encourage young parents to make great effort to joyfully involve your children in Christian camps and family encampments. Their hearts will be encouraged and lifted up and brought closer to God.
Thank you Jerry for asking us to sing for so many years. Your love and care for us has meant a lot. are a few (lots) of old pictures from years past of some of our fun at the encampment. There were so many more things that we enjoyed that are on film somewhere, but this blog could not contain all of the memories and pictures, like...late night visits to the ice cream shop, the fishing pond, throwing rocks in the river, riding the four wheeled carts up and down the main street, jeep rides up the mountain, Frisbee and football throwing in the park, laughter under the tent, the kids helping DaddyBurl sell Cd's, late night 42 at the Holt's, good cups of coffee during a cold rain shower, laughter coming from a smelly room of 7 boys, birthday party's every year for nearly everyone, watching the cute girls across the street while they were watching our cute boys on our side of the street, Shot Gun Willy's breakfast, go cart racing, the skating rink at the Fun House, trying to find my lawn chair, early morning coffee and visits with Mom, Dad cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast, singing with 3,000 other voices under the big tent, trips to the fish hatchery, rides up the chair lift, shopping in the great stores along Main street, Red River Inn, watching the shoot out in the sun, hearing Willard preach...what a treat, Texas Reds Steakhouse, bears crossing the road, long walks in the early morning, seeing old friends and on and on.
Memory Lane. Thank you God, and thank you for one more year to be together in such a beautiful place.

We love you Caleb!
Happy Birthday Casey!

Children's chorus.
Sweet Will

Friends. At the top of the chairlift.
Debra and Casey
The boys.

This kid has always loved mashed potatoes. Fist fulls!

The stair picture. Every year. Where is Ky?
The boys with Bill and Greg.

DBurl and Jan
Gone Fishin
The Hendersons.
Under the big tent

What a load of FISH! That was a fun day.


Candie said…
Hi Amy,
Just thinking of you so I thought I'd say "hi". Many blessings and a special prayer for you tonight. God put you on my heart.
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