Hi! This is an interesting list of challenges that our youth minister gave to our youth group at church. Thought you might like to see it too. I think not only youth but older Christians can really strive for doing harder and bigger things for God. This does not necessarily mean you have to do BIG things but even memorizing scripture is really hard but so important in drawing closer to God. If I were writing this though at the top of the list to start on would be the challenge to just speak God's name in everyday conversation with everyone we talk too.
There is such power in speaking His name out loud. Blessings. Amy

List of Challenges:
1. Start a prayer group at your school to meet weekly. Ask 10 people what your group can pray for them about. Do it weekly for the remainder of the school year.
2 Invite at least one person to a Bible study, worship service, or youth activity every day for 90 days.
3. Pick one day a week to sit at a different lunch table, to show God's love to someone else who needs it.
4. Learn the names of the janitor/ custodial workers at your school. Do something big and thoughtful for them. Quietly collect a dollar from each student at your school to get a gift for them to show respect and appreciation for them. Include a kind note with the gift.
5. Start a prom dress exchange. Lots of high school girls don't have money to buy a prom dress. This will allow them to get one for little or no cost.

6. Pick one needful task that your parents do and start doing it. Do it for the next 3 months.
7. Ask your parents and siblings for one thing which you can pray for them individually. Ask every day for 90 days.
8. Design and draw 12 artistic cards (4by6) that feature your favorite verses of scripture. Place them around your bedroom and bathroom.
Personal Walk With God:
9. Develop a prayer list starting with 10 people in your Youth Group or friends. Get their needs and set a time each week to spend an hour in prayer for them. Make the prayer time holy by making sure you are not distracted by outside noises or TV.
10. Keep up with a prayer journal for 90 days. Keep up with God's work in your life.
11. Read through the book of Psalms once to get an understanding of the tone. The second time through the book, read and say it as a prayer to God.

Community Service:
12. Locate and volunteer at a homeless shelter or woman's shelter in the community for the next 3 months. Commit to 4 hours of service each month for the next 90 days. Please get at least one friend to join you on the project.
13. Same as above, except at a nursing home.
14. Contact the local State Highway Department of Transportation. Adopt a stretch of highway, making a pledge to pick up litter along that stretch of roadway at least four times during the year.
15. Reading program. Check with the local pre-schools, libraries, day care centers or Girl's and Boys' clubs to determine if there is a time you along with a group of friends can go and read to the children.

Needy people in our Community:
16. Locate a needy family and adopt them for the next 3 months. Get help to drop off things they might need like, food, clothes, etc. Get at least 3 friends to help you with this project. Along with one adult.
17. Make 10 packages to keep with you in your car, or parent's car. Packages contain: $10 McDonald's gift card, or Gas card. Wrap them like a gift along with a card with a prayer or message. Have them handy to hand out when you see someone in need.
18. Ask an elementary school teacher or administrator what supplies needy students often don't have (pencils, paper, notebooks, etc.) Purchase a large supply of those items and leave them with the teacher or administrator.
19. Contact an elementary school teacher/ administrator and offer to tutor a younger child. Meet with them once a week and help them with school work.
20. Plan and coordinate a canned food drive benefiting the Harvest House. Go door to door among church members and neighborhoods. make the announcement to the Church ahead of time to give people a chance to prepare.

God's Word:
21. Memorize the book of Galatians, Ephesians, or Philippians.
22. Read the entire Bible in a year.


Amy, this is SO AWESOME! I love all the great ideas you share with us! Thanks for always being an encouragement! BTW, working on "leading my heart" in so many way right now! Thanks!
Unknown said…
You bless me with your blog, Amy. Thanks for all the challenges you gave to the youth. I plan to pass these along. I love you friend!!!

Terri Haley

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