Foggy...Dreaming of Spring...

Good morning! This is what we are seeing today, even just after noon.

The fog is hanging on.

I am having trouble feeling very motivated to do much of anything today. This is the kind of day I really could just curl up with a good book under a blanket and read hours away.

But...there is too much to be done.

Laundry, grocery shopping, projects...etc.

I need a swift kick in the pants...

I long and warm temps. We need some sunshine for flowers and since "THE STORM OF THE CENTURY", or so they say is on the way, I guess I will have to wait a bit longer. The temperature is going to drop forty or so degrees tomorrow.
If the Weather Channel is right.
Thinking of a good soup recipe and making sure we have enough wood for three days of cheery fires to warm the room and the soul. Sounds good.

I want to introduce you to some sweet friends of mine. These wonderful ladies live in West Texas and I miss them. They will be forever locked in my heart and cherished.

Shana, Kristi, Hazel and Wendi.

These ladies are all prayer warriors and beautiful, encouraging friends.

I wanted to share with you some info. on Shana and her business...

She is into PINK! I wish that I had taken more pictures of her house. Her house is pink...not just at Valentine's time but all of the time. Love her house and love her. She is a caterer and cake magician. She also makes wonderful cookies and has a cookie box business. If you ever need a gorgeous cake or a dinner catered...she is your gal if you are anywhere close Lubbock, Texas. She also mails cookie boxes everywhere!

She could give the "Cake Boss" a run for his money!

This is her motto for life. She is all in for God. Notice the PINK walls.
Meeting at her house for coffee or tea and something sweet was always a treat.
Friends in Christ are such a great blessing. Miss you girls!

Proverbs 27: 9
Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart,
and the pleasantness of a friend
springs from their heartfelt advice.

Blessings! Stay warm. Amy


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