Fixer-Upper Remodel and Nehemiah...

Hey! Yikes! It's been too long. This grandmother gig is a busy gig but I love it! Blogging has taken a bit of (or a big) backseat to the business of life and just living it.  We have been loving on two sweet little grand girls and helping to build the family business.

God is good and our provider and sustainer. I give Him all the praise!

We are about to start a project that I am so excited about. I have always wanted to find, fix up and live in an older home with sweet character and charm.  Those kind of houses have been impossible to find in the places we have moved and so it has never happened.  They are either not in a part of town we want to live in or they are so expensive that renovation just could not be in the cards financially.

A few weeks ago we found a sweet little victorian house (we are calling it the New Orleans house) that I fell in love with at one step through the door and a view of the staircase.  It is smaller than we really need but we are going to make it work. We close this week and start demo on several rooms soon. It's gonna be SO fun! I will keep you updated so check back every now and then for before and after pics.

Maybe even more exciting was our lesson in church today. We are studying the book of Nehemiah. Ya'll! It's good!! Such beautiful life lessons about prayer and trust in God and standing to defend those that you love. Read it if you have never and read it again if you have read it before. It will bless your life!

Thank you Nehemiah for trusting God above all else and letting Him be the King of your heart above earthly kings and dreams and hopes. We serve the God of the seemingly impossible. He makes all things good and possible if He wants to and if we believe and ask and trust.

Blessings!! Amy


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