Road Trip and Demolition...

I made a slow enjoyable road trip a few weeks ago back to Las Vegas, NM to CBH.  First stop was in Mighty Merk to see my sweet folks. It's always a pleasure to be out on their land and have room to roam around in.  Dad is 85 and is still taking care of the farm and chickens and cows not only on his farm but another ranch an hour or so away.  He is an inspiration and a larger than life fellow to me.  My mama is pretty special also. :)

There were several coffee stops on this road trip but one of my favorites was in Clovis, NM. Check it out if you are ever going through there. So good. Blackwater Coffee Co.
Another favorite stop is in a little spot in the road in Taiban, New Mexico. There is really nothing there much except this sweet structure sitting off of the right side of the road. I read that it was a Presbyterian church built in 1904 and that it was a frequent stop for outlaws in the early 1900's, including Billy the Kid.  There is just something about this place. You can kind of feel the old days. It's intriguing and a bit spooky.
This view is always a welcome and heart warming sight.  Hermit Peak.  Camp Blue Haven is in the mountains to the right of it but it stands out tall and majestic on the road in.  This place is a little bit of heaven on earth in the way it looks and for what it gives people in the name of Jesus.
Director's cabin in CBH. 
Opening campfire.

My younger brother. CBH director. Yes, he is a fun as he looks. 
Also, loves the Lord with all his heart.
Michael and Jan. Two fine people that make my world so rich and fun.
We had a great reunion with some precious cousins from Cali.  
Lot's of visiting and laughing and enjoying each other's company. 

Such beauty in God's creation. 

 Back home the gutting of the fixer upper house has started.  
So exiting. 

So. Much. Work. To. Do. 
I wish that we could make it go faster!!
I hope that your summer is going great! 
Talk to ya soon. 

Blessings! Amy


Wa Wa Waughs said…
I don't know how I missed this but you take such beautiful pictures! Love you.

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