Saturday, December 20, 2014

New York City Trip...

Well, hello! We are on the countdown to Christmas as I know you are too.  It sounds so wonderful to be with friends and family and have good fellowship time. 

My sweet and kind father Christmas gifted the four of us with a trip to New York last weekend to see the sites and to attend Colt's game.  I had never been to NYC, and now looking back, I'm not sure why we never made this happen before. Well- money and the lack of is probably why, so thank you DBurl for a super trip, but more than thank you for being able to experience and see all that New York City offers I thank you for giving me precious time with these three women.  It was beyond good and fun and such a blessing. Best Christmas gift ever! Love you Daddy!
Things are CRAZY right now, trying to play catch up after an enchanting and wonderful trip and being sick for weeks before.

Here are some highlights of our trip. Hold come lots of pictures. :)

911 Memorial- very sad and heartbreaking.

 Statue of Liberty...

 We loved looking at the gorgeous homes...
Sweet Colt played so well until he took a hit that tweaked his neck again.
I believe they would have easily won that game had he been able to stay in.
Next year...

He's the real deal. Football player with heart, but even more importantly, he has a good heart that loves God above all else. Even football.

 Lights everywhere!
 Enchanting. Rockefeller center skating rink...
 Anyone for a carriage ride? SO fun...

 The Plaza hotel...
 Our carriage ride tour guide...
 The Today show.
 Times Square...

We saw the most wonderful Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall. What a surprise when at the end they read the story of Jesus' birth and had a Nativity scene with live animals and some real praise going on on that stage. Thank you God that Your name was exalted there in that auditorium, in that town. It blessed us. 
You just never know. I am thankful. 
Isn't this chandelier gorgeous? 
This was in the lobby of the Music Hall.

 We found the tree! We were looking for Kevin...

 Oh no to the subway...
Rachel with Jan and Debra in front of our Roosevelt lobby Christmas tree...
Rachel was a delight. She is fearless and beautiful and lovely inside and out.
She introduced us to Uber and took care of us for two days.
We love you sweet Rachel.
 The five of us out to eat...Stanton Social.
 The lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel...Lovely...

Thanks for viewing! See you after Christmas.
Have a Merry one!!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy Tree...

It's beginning to look a little bit like Christmas.
There is just something about Christmas tree lights shining cheerily on in a dark room.
I have always loved that.

One thing that change brings that I don't love so much is the fact that your kids grow up and that fun night each Dec. when you used to trim the tree together listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate doesn't happen anymore. (Deep breath.) I really miss that. Life moves on and still the memories are precious. Even as I hung ornaments on the tree alone I loved thinking about each one and even laughing out loud at a few of them. Footprints of our lives together. I am thankful.

May we all make more lovely Christmas memories this year.
They might be a little different from years past- and that is ok.
Give thanks to our great God in all circumstances.
Find the good and praise Him for the good and the not so good.
Appreciate the precious memories.
Oh, and enjoy the twinkle lights. Lovely.

Friday, December 5, 2014


This is how the gorgeous leaves looked a few weeks ago here where we live. I have been out of commission for the past two weeks because of what seemed to me to be a deadly cold virus. Either I am just getting older and don't handle sickness as well as I used to, but bouncing back from something this nasty was a big challenge this time.
It was not the flu but just about as bad.
I pray you will be spared. :)

My husband's family gathered together for Thanksgiving and for DaddyBob's annual Christmas picture taken on the Texas A&M campus. This is one of the new statues in front of the student side of the stadium. Pretty cool.  Love all of these guys. I got up to spend a few hours with them on Thanksgiving and then take this picture and went back to bed. I am smiling here but running about 101 degrees of body temp. Yuck.
Precious, precious hearts. We were so sad to not have Will and Candace here with us this year.
Next year though!! Done deal! We miss you guys so much!!
We always take a silly jump picture of all of the kids.
It was once again silly and fun and it makes me smile.
As we start thinking about Christmas and presents and all that jazz, I pray you will enjoy ALL of it.
I have been doing alot of thinking about how we normally do the present thing. Really, really want to do it differently.  Still pondering.
Talk to you soon.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hobo Dinner Yummyness...

It's the weekend!!  Here is a fun recipe to make even if you are using an oven and are not able to cook this special meal over a campfire. Oh, that we could fix them that way all of the time...but, reality is we have to use the oven most of the time. :) Hobo Burgers
(We added bacon to ours. Bacon does make everything better!)
 Easy Hobo Tin Foil Dinner Recipe:
(Makes 4 dinners)
Ingredients:1 pound ground beef
4 potatoes, peeled and cubed
2 cups carrots, thinly sliced
1 onion, diced
Salt and pepper, to taste
Worcestershire sauce
BBQ sauce
Shredded cheddar cheese
Use a large square piece of aluminum foil for each tin foil dinner.  Spray foil with nonstick cooking spray.  Separate ground beef into 4 equal patties and place in the center of each piece of foil.  Divide potatoes, carrots, and onion evenly between all 4 dinners and place on top of meat.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper, to taste.  Pour a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce on top of each dinner and fold foil up tightly around the entire meal.  Cook on a grill on medium-high heat or an open fire for 25-30 minutes, or until vegetables and meat are cooked through.  Open foil carefully and top with BBQ sauce and shredded cheese.
This is where we learned to make and usually enjoy this masterpiece meal.
We enjoy this silliness too...
Hurry up next summer!!